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Your email address will not be published. On the left, I shortened the stitch length to 2.0 and the beauty of the thread shows. I have watched two of Heather Thomas’ videos. It’s easy to look good at this stage. I’m going to link up with Nina-Marie’s Off the Wall Friday. Heather further explains this concept and shows what free motion quilting should look like. a good explanation. The most common stitch length range is from 0.0 to 5.0, with 5.0 being the setting for machine basting or gathering and 0.0 the option for free-motion quilting with the feed dogs lowered. As an obvious exaggeration, the bottom row has ridiculously long stitches and the thread is just laying there, forlorn. You are so experienced-you know when it’s right! Can’t wait for the book! I put the feed dogs up for the example just so my stitches would be a certain specific length. This is one vignette from our Living Room. I hope it’s clear from the photo-the stitch length on the background with thin blue thread is much shorter than that of the thicker white thread. I hope to find more informational videos by Heather Thomas. I like a bit longer stitch but now I know the weight of the thread plays a big part. Maybe quilters would prefer presets in a longarm, too! I hope it cools down. Even in quilt judging circles, the ideal number of stitches per inch is subjective. You’re welcome Jayne! A good speed is around 75% of your machine's highest speed. Yes-that’s why I wrote about it! This post was written by members of the APQS marketing team. When fmq and the dogs are down, your stitch length needs to adjust to the thread and that is done with the combination of your machine speed and hand speed. In the top row, the beauty of the thread shows. Thank you for writing! Once you’ve mastered free motion quilting, move on to this fun class where you’ll learn new ways of machine quilting. Even your carpet has a quilting pattern Jenny, ha ha I never worry too much about the stitch length unless it looks horrid, I seem to just ‘know’ when I have it right. Find out what quilting products and tools work best to help you hold tight to your quilts. The really great thing about quilting is that YOU are in charge of the look that you want for YOUR quilt. Learn what fabrics fray better than others and see the many unique ways of incorporating fray into your pieces. © 2016-2020 APQS. When you sew your quilting seams, most sewing machines have presets for common stitch lengths. btw – I noticed that your carpet (rug?) Thick threads need a longer stitch and skinny threads need a shorter stitch. I continue to read articles and blog posts about the “perfect” stitch length for free motion quilting, as though it were a singular number. I never looked at thread that way before and your examples were excellent. Hope that clarifies it? How about you? In this case I’ve used big ole’ fat 12 wt Sulky. With all the variables of today’s beds and styles, we created a handy reference chart to give you a starting point when designing your next quilt size. The BSR will accommodate and crank out a 3.5mm stitch. I’ve got bullet-proof fabrics (well, maybe a little bit of an exaggeration) and new technology makes them impervious to spills. Choose fine thread to avoid looking frumpy and overworked in your detail quilting. When I begin a project I’ll do some stitch-outs on a scrap piece or in the seam of my project to find that sweet spot. Quilt Skipper: Jenny K Lyon | Quilting, Lectures, Workshops, Tutorials. To learn more or change your cookie settings, please read our cookie policy. In the middle row, the stitches are way too short and the line of stitching is lifeless. Heather explains that when free motion quilting YOU determine your stitch length based on how fast your machine is stitching in relation to how fast you are moving your fabric under the needle. But as a longarm quilter, eliminating bulky intersections that can break needles or distort quilting lines tops the list. Sign up for Jenny’s weekly newsletter with different content from the blog. I continue to read articles and blog posts about the “perfect” stitch length for free motion quilting, as though it were a singular number.

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