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Allegheny County's libraries function as crucial community centers. True, probably, but it helps to have a charming, waterfront city to help get things rolling. Plus, he notes that Atlanta boasts a cost of living that’s 98 percent of the national average, the median home price is only a little over $250,000, property taxes are fairly low and personal income tax is graduated between only 1 and 6 percent. ), Comfort with travel (if children and grandchildren will be far away), Need to make friends quickly; how sociable you are, Career / profession – whether newly starting or taking it on the road, Health / medical needs – not just today, but in 5 or more years’ time, Ability to change your mind – financially and logistically, Possibilities of a trial period in the proposed location if possible, Ability to view the new location and life as one where you can see yourself older (10+ years? In the meantime, please feel free again. Baltimore is a major center for medical talent, with a high concentration of physicians and specialists; the teaching hospital at Johns Hopkins is one of the best in the country. You must be logged in to leave a comment. The smaller places range from 17th-century villages (Plymouth) to some of the oldest suburbs in America (Brookline and Braintree). Others are loyal to Pat's King of Steaks, in South Philly, or Geno's Steaks across the street, or some other neighborhood joint. Tell Us Why You Like It. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recently ranked Minnesota first in the United States for the overall quality of its health care. Please return to to learn more about other benefits. Forest Park also harbors the Municipal Opera, golf courses, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and facilities for bicycling, boating, fishing, handball, ice skating and more. Unemployment in Baltimore City was 10 percent in April 2012, above the national average. It helps, of course, that the city has a fairly compact center loaded with date-friendly diversions — indoors and out — to suit most tastes. S.F. In-demand occupations in this area include physician assistants; cement masons and concrete finishers; physical therapists and their assistants; meeting and convention planners; marketing specialists; medical secretaries; and construction, painting and maintenance professionals, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and BLS. Downsides include bad air pollution and humid summers. “Austin’s economy will expand strongly over the coming year, lifted by information technology, professional services and a range of personal services including health care,” says Koropeckyj. The metro has more than 30 degree-granting institutions, including several community college campuses and seven schools with enrollments of more than 10,000. We all know that. The many miles of Lake Michigan coastline provide oodles of recreation opportunities. Philly is so much more than the cradle of America's democracy. Philadelphians are proud of their neighborhoods  — from South Philly and Society Hill to Fishtown, Germantown and Manayunk  — and proud of their local institutions. BLS data indicate that, over the past year, employment has grown 2.4 percent in the greater Nashville area while unemployment has dropped to 3.9 percent. Some, including the Cross Street and Lexington markets, are open year-round. Nature lovers bask in the city's 105 parks. Today, it has grown into the 15th largest metropolitan area in the country. Almost half of its residents older than 50 are unattached. The region has above-average outdoor recreation — mountains, rivers and trails abound — and below-average rates of cancer, heart disease and other chronic health problems. And if you have some, any details on the social life and the cost of living? Javascript must be enabled to use this site. It also boasts the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, which has the world's largest collection of mosaic art. San Francisco is among the top 10 metro areas for population density, with more than 800,000 people packed into a central city the size of Disney World. America’s coffee capital added a robust 92,600 jobs between Septembers 2015 and 2016, per the BLS; these hirers included Facebook, Zillow, Expedia, Salesforce and Amazon (the latter draws nearly 10 percent of its 270,000 worldwide employee workforce from Seattle). One reason for the general good vibes in and around MSP is the accessible parkland, including lakes, rivers, trails and some of the most pristine wilderness in the United States. Among major cities ranked by the BLS, Minneapolis has the fourth-lowest unemployment rate at 3.1 percent and, in 2015, had the eighth-highest real median wage at $41,880, based on Headlight Data and the BLS. The Cleveland metropolitan area (population 2.1 million) stretches across 80 miles of Lake Erie shoreline and reaches southward into five counties. Comments: 0. But enough vestiges of the old days remain, including iconic bridges and signature buildings, to make Pittsburgh feel pleasantly gritty. One study estimated that 138 languages are spoken in the borough of Queens alone. And older singles who don't need jobs have that much more time to peruse those online personal ads. We plied the country to find 10 great cities in which to retire for older singles, focusing primarily on places with convivial locals, a solid percentage of AARP-age residents and, of course, a lot of things to do — either solo or with a date. With AARP membership, there’s always more to discover. Read on (the 10 cities are in no particular order), and let us know from your experience what other cities and towns are particularly single-friendly, and why. You'll start receiving the latest news, benefits, events, and programs related to AARP's mission to empower people to choose how they live as they age. Some are more conducive to mingling than others. Baltimore is a city of natives, a place with a sense of community that spans generations. Boston's coastal location means it does get severe storms, including nor'easters, blizzards and the occasional hurricane. The industrial barons who built Cleveland endowed superb arts and cultural institutions that endure. St. Louis contains more than six dozen neighborhoods, each with its own character. The jewel of the system is Forest Park, the 1,293-acre site of the 1904 World's Fair and now home to the city's sublime zoo and first-class museums of art, history and science. Whatever the reason for starting over, along with your additional wisdom often come aches and pains, the expense of doctors or medications, the need for a certain climate, and also, affordability and accessibility necessary to maintain physical health. BLS numbers show that Richmond has a comparatively low 4.2 percent unemployment rate and moderate 1.9 percent employment growth over the previous year. You will be asked to register or log in. In 2011, Boston was ranked the fifth most literate big city in the United States, and a high share of area residents have a college degree. Other suggestions for locations that are warm, friendly, authentic, and things to do? The Minnesota Orchestra is regularly mentioned among the best symphonies in the world. From the artsy to the outdoorsy and everything in between, the nearly 8.2 million residents of the city's five boroughs cover the gamut of possible personal profiles. The provider’s terms, conditions and policies apply. All Rights Reserved. But while it's matured, the city still has a wild edge reminiscent of the frontier days. The region has a profusion of world-class parks, including 19th-century gems in the Mount Vernon Place neighborhood that are fiercely guarded by a local nonprofit. But Milwaukee isn't lacking excitement: The city has matured nicely since the days when breweries and manufacturing ruled, with smart riverfront development and a slate of things to do to quench most tastes. In addition, she expects the influx of well-paid professionals to drive gains in the housing market and broader economic growth for the area over the long-term. Gangs give the metro area a very high rate of violent crime, and poverty contributes to a high rate of mortality from cancer and heart disease. Milwaukee is a collection of villages. In 2015 it also ranked fifth highest — at $46,330 — in real median wages and 10th highest in wage growth (with a 4.3 percent increase observed between 2005 and 2015) among major metropolitan areas, according to Headlight Data and the BLS.

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