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Most combos Falcon gets are based on bad DI. Peach is IMO one of docs better top tier matchups. For the character in other contexts, see Mario. In theory, Marth/Fox. Dr. Mario’s Down-B won’t help you help you recover vertically. Also Sheik can up-tilt through the platforms, so she can more or less camp one side of the stage very safely. At low levels I think it's Marth cuz getting through his range is pretty hard for low level players in general, and Doc only exacerbates the issue. He has only a few differences. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I also don't think that the punish game is disproportionately in falco's favor, considering how much doc gets off of throws and how good doc bair and cape are at edgeguarding falco. Fox can just run away and shoot them to death. The current matchup chart is garbage. report. The duration of her f-tilt and jump back fair is quite low, so Sheik has to time it extremely well to beat out standard spacie approaches. Current match up chart: http://www.ssbwiki.com/Sheik_(SSBM). at least he can combo and edgeguard fox/falcon a bit better, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But a good Fox just can steamroll through the character with proper spacing, CC usage, etc. Mario is your average balanced fighter with a utility kit. Also, only use tornado to recover if you have to, because it has lot of end lag. It just feels so easy as doc compared to every other character (speaking as somebody who mained doc for a hot sec), As a fox main who's played a lot of doc, fox can combo very well. Pichu - 7.3 Worst Match. Falcon has a better neutral than doc but there's absolutely no way his punish game is better in this matchup. It's riskier for him to do so than Mario because of how slow he moves. This is especially useful against Fox (cape d-smash him). We should create the chart in here. He has a good recovery option but that is about it. Completed: Fox, Falcon, Marth, Puff, Shiek, Falco, Peach, Samus, Ice Climbers, Ganon, Dr. Mario, Bowser. She still has no real answer to spacies grab and will have to go on platforms, risking getting hit by more aerials, or stuff like pre-emptive f-tilt and jump back fair with involves more risk. Dr. Mario is fought on Princess Peach's Castle, with the track "Dr. Mario" playing. Assuming one of BF and FoD is banned and I won on the other, I actually like going for Stadium. Also good for recovery. Smash Bros. Melee is considered one of the greatest fighting games ever made, so when it comes to playing the game, knowing which fighters are stronger is key to outperforming your opponents. Yeah, my idea was for people to discuss it in this thread. Add to that her strong recovery and projectile—which is arguably one of the best in the game—and you have a fighter with tons of options at her disposal. It seems like doc would just have an awful time getting past falco's walls. or one v one gameplay. -Muhammad Ali. Extremely powerful KO moves don’t help this fighter. If your opponent is at 120% or higher, you can jab up b them and it's a true combo. YEET those mofos. My friend is a doc main and he does bet against species. Match avg. Falcon's second best stage in this matchup, imo. Below is the current matchup chart for Super Smash Bros. Melee as of December 23rd, 2010. You don't even need to format it, just post what you think of the matchup as in-depth as you can, and then people will dispute or agree with your claims. Cape can actually 2-frame opponents or people that regrab, and combos into either down smash, up smash, or up-b depending on the character. Although he is not much slower an exceptionally good spead character may defeat him with less difficulty than Mario. Marth - 3.4 Vote for tiers. Matchup Search Enter your character: Bowser Captain Falcon Donkey Kong Dr. Mario Falco Fox Ganondorf Ice Climbers Jigglypuff Kirby Link Luigi Mario Marth Mewtwo Mr. Game & Watch Ness Peach Pichu Pikachu Roy Samus Sheik Yoshi Young Link Zelda In conclusion, Spacies out prioritize Sheik who has to be too careful and precise to be able to stuff their approaches. who. Matchup Search Enter your character: Bowser Captain Falcon Donkey Kong Dr. Mario Falco Fox Ganondorf Ice Climbers Jigglypuff Kirby Link Luigi Mario Marth Mewtwo Mr. Game & Watch Ness Peach Pichu Pikachu Roy Samus Sheik Yoshi Young Link Zelda For being a Captain Falcon clone, Ganondorf takes none of the character’s strengths. Meanwhile fox can't really combo him while doc can destroy fox, and they play neutral on very close footing - fox is doc's best top tier matchup imo. Sheik doesn't have a long recovery to make use of the blast zones like most characters who pick here. Ice Climbers are the best grab game fighters in Melee as they can continuously grab and deal damage in frame-perfect windows. Yoshi players can easily punish foes looking for quick recovery with unique button presses to grab hold of a ledge while throwing an egg in the opposite direction. Marth’s attacks are disjointed, meaning they hit a larger range than they appear to. some videos to help kindle discussion: Scar vs MacD at KoC 4 and Gravy vs Hanky Panky at FP4. When it comes to falco the punish game and neutral game are just disproportionately in falco's favor. Debuting in his eponymous game, Dr. Mario and his assistant Nurse Toadstool work at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital, where he eliminates viruses and other diseases by using Megavitamins, a premise that has been the standard for … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A competitive Melee focused extension of the reddit Super Smash Brothers community. Up-b out of shield to punish shield pressure. Effortlessly host multiple tournaments, leagues and events for your loyal members. I know this is probably already common knowledge but Falco goes just about even with samus as does fox but the advantage may be between 50-50 and 55-45 if fox does have an advantage. The fighter has weak KO options and is one step away from the F Tier, but is saved by his fantastic throw game and double jump cancel ability. To unlock Dr. Mario, players need to complete either Classic or Adventure Mode as Mario without using any continues. When your opponents want to stay six-feet apart, prescribe some pills to get up close and personal! Down-b combos overall are ridiculously good. Dr. Mario excels at combos. She’s a fighter who can’t be easily comboed due to her floaty nature and can punish on the counter attack. Down B and Up B are essentials and back air is good too. Clear either Classic Mode or Adventure Mode as Mariowithout using any continues. Me hace gracia que pongas a luigi o mario en igualado y después pongáis a pacman o zelda en difícil xD. Vote for Dr. Mario's tiers » Popularity. Ultimate - why is that? Falcon isn't that bad at all. my friend who mains doc says it's peach, but most of the top tier mu's are p bad honestly. Down throw to down-b kills at 50%. Great kill move near the ledge. That's what I'm going to explore in this video. Falcon can't easily approach from the ground because of needles and ftilt, and the air is also difficult because the platform can disrupt his approach as well as being a threat. Tiers > SSBM > Dr. Mario Dr. Mario's Super Smash Bros. Melee tier match ups. He’s also a hard fighter to edge-guard against due to his quick mobility and ranged recovery options. Dr mario is fucking gay and if you play him you suck balls. Stating a theoretical ratio, then a practical ratio, and then going into detail and defining the matchup is a very effective way to go about it.

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