dr mrs vandertramp verbs conjugated

Towards the beginning of the lyrics she says the verbs in the form of past participles only. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Use the modified (MOD) version for st. one used exclusively by foreign language learners to help remember an essential French grammar exception This is the Dr Mrs Vandertramp song for memorizing verbs conjugated in the past tense with être as an auxiliary verb. Also known as Dr Mrs. Vandertrampp or even La Maison d’Etre, Dr Mrs P. Vandertramp is an acronym that is often taught to French students to help them remember which verbs use « être » as a helping verb when employing the past participle. Just to make things simple think of the past participle as the past form of the word. Google Docs™. Start studying DR & MRS VANDERTRAMP verb conjugations. In the video you will hear the voice of Christa Smith, a young enough singer going through the list of verbs which take être in the passé composé. Use this to help explain to your students how Dr. & Mrs. P. Vandertramp verbs work.Remind them of how to conjugate the verb être, and show them how to make agreements with subject and the verb.Then, they can complete activities to help reinforce the lessons.

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