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You can also make your herb garden even more colourful and fragrant with the additions of lavender and marigolds, or lay some paving and add a few ornaments. Then I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs all summer! Read it now. Easy to tend to, you don't need a large space and you can grow herbs both indoors and outdoors. Great for tension headaches or sleep difficulties, especially in essential oil form. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings to enhance your experience. We have detected that JavaScript has been disabled in your browser. All Rights Reserved. While I don’t have any specific recipes that call for Lemon Balm, I love to use it as a garnish for summer drinks and salads. You can plant them in small raised beds, containers or even window boxes. However, if you cook with basil as often as I do, keeping it deadheaded isn’t really the problem. Chives can be used in the garden landscape as well. I have also used it in making shampoos as it helps dandruff and poor hair growth. The plants just have a larger footprint each year, and you divide them every 3 years. I usually get at least 2 plants – a flat leaf variety and a curly leaf variety. If you have any tender perennials that won’t survive the cold, you can bring them inside in the fall if you want to save them. Maintaining your own kitchen herb garden requires very little time, money or space and in addition to being fragrant and visually attractive, will elevate your home cooking to a whole new taste level, not to mention the potential benefits for your chickens. Spend time researching the various types of outdoor heating methods so you can enjoy hours of your evening in the garden. Most can be started by sowing the seeds directly outdoors in early spring. Tiny violet to blue flowers appear in the spring or summer, but the tiny grayish-green leaves make it an attractive garden addition through the growing season. It also doesn’t like to have its roots disturbed. Make sure that you buy a container that is 6-8 inches wide. Here are a few herbs that are particularly easy to grow: When it comes to planting your herbs, there are different techniques depending on their intended location. Growing herbs outside is one of the easiest ways to get started gardening. Read all about it and prepare perfectly for the following season. Whether it's fresh parsley scattered over a salad, basil for a tasty pasta sauce or fresh thyme to elevate a roast chicken, you'll appreciate having herbs to hand. Really, you would have to work to kill thyme. 5 Easy-to-Grow Herbs That Are Nearly Impossible to Kill. Leave the containers outside during the summer. Even if you are pretty good at keeping your herbs alive, we all have places that are difficult to tend to, for example high up or out-of-the-way locations that you forget to fuss over. Chives are a perennial herb that are super easy to grow. Then bring them in and put them in a sunny window when it gets cold. So I usually put in a new plant every couple of weeks in order to have a fresh supply all summer. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. You’ll need a large pot with holes in the bottom for drainage, some gravel, compost, control release fertiliser and a watering can. Parsley is another one of the easy to grow herbs that I love to grow in my garden. It needs plenty of water and should be pinched back to keep it growing leaves and not flowers. Cooking with fresh herbs makes a good dish great and a great one even better. Parsley can also be used fresh or dried for use through the winter. A natural plant as a backdrop for an outdoor flower or herb garden, dill (Anethus graveolens) flowers in mid-spring with tiny yellow flowers in flattened clusters. Thyme is a wonderfully forgiving herb. Herbs are one of the most rewarding container crops. Rosemary is a woody, perennial (in zone 8 and above) with evergreen leaves that is one of my favorite herbs. Herbs produce all summer long and with regular snipping, they won’t get leggy or go to seed. Your email address will not be published. Outdoor heating buying guide What are your favorites? Herbs are awesome. Fresh herbs are a wonderful way to add freshness and flavour to dishes. Open 7 days a week. And there’s sort of where things start to go downhill. In other words, it is really easy to grow…and I keep it in a container at all times to prevent it from taking over the garden. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. A lot of people start herbs from seeds but for me it’s just easier to head over to the local nursery or big box store in the spring and stock up on the plants I need (they’re not very expensive). Read it now. Light requirement: Part shade To Full Sun Grow as an annual: All zones. Ready within 1 hour, Over 150 stores Basil is an annual (except in zones 10 and above) so if you let it go to seed, the plant is pretty much done. Sign up to our newsletter to receive all our latest promotions, inspiration and advice. The annuals will die off at the end of the year so you will need to re-plant them next year (some of them may self-seed, in which case they will come up again on their own). It is a low growing perennial plant that has many different varieties. Hope that helps! I'm working on my herb garden at the moment, so here are my essentials: Chamomile - There are two types of this (German and Roman) which both have similar properties. If you are planting a window box on the sunny side of your house try Chives, Oregano and Lemon thyme, but if it’s on the shady side try wild rocket, French parsley or red mustard. Sage. These herbs can be planted in less-than-optimal locations and stand some neglect. Thyme is a perennial and best started as a small plant, rather than from seeds, which take a very long time to germinate. Basil plants need lots of sun and moist soil that is well-drained. Here are a few herbs that are particularly easy to grow: Sweet marjoram; Rosemary; Thyme; Mint; Common basil; Lime basil; Sage; Oregano; Shop all herb seeds. The warmer weather and green growth shooting up everywhere awakens a need in many to plant and nurture things of their own. In addition to smelling wonderful and looking pretty, culinary herbs also have some amazing health benefits for both people and animals. Any sunny window is a wonderful place to start an indoor herb garden and it’s easier than you think! This makes it easy to have lush areas of herbs in places that get forgotten. Parsley is a biennial, meaning it generally lives for two years, and will also self-seed. Please check your entries and try again. I’m Wanda and I believe that anyone can create a relaxing garden retreat in their city backyard…no matter the size. 10 Easy-to-Grow Herbs for Your Herb Garden . It also loves full sun and is drought-tolerant, meaning it’s going to be okay if you forget to water it. The only concern would be planting your sage where it gets too much water all the time. Growing Herbs Indoors. An annual herb growing 2 to 3 feet tall, the light green leaves of the dill herb are finely divided, adding texture to the garden during the growing season as well as a harvest of seeds that are used for pickling and flavoring. Herbs simply require well-drained soil and sunlight, and many will thrive where other plants fail. Cilantro is a cool-weather annual herb that I use in all kinds of different recipes. So my mother  and I are on a mission to help you do just that by sharing the DIY outdoor projects, plant suggestions and gardening tips we’ve learned through our combined 75+ years of experience. Bunnies and deer don’t eat them, and bugs don’t generally bother them – in fact, many types of herbs are natural insect repellents. Another way to ensure a consistent crop of herbs is to plant herbs in intervals so they yield leaves and blossoms at different times. In early spring, the herb will bloom with small, pale blue flowers. Different herbs require different condition to really get growing, and while some love the sun others prefer shade. If you want to have fresh herbs in the winter, you can plant them in containers. These six herbs would form the base of a great starter herb garden, and a great. I dry it and use it in bath soaks, but it's useful for so many complaints that it should be in any self-respecting herb garden. Beware of the pot-grown herbs offered in supermarkets, as they are usually grown under glass and are often too lush and stressed to adapt well to life outdoors. When to plant herbs in a container Sow tender herb seeds such as basil, marjoram, coriander, and tender perennials such as French tarragon indoors in spring for planting outdoors after all risk of frost passes. Adding a little lime to the soil when you’re planting it helps to keep it happy. The winter thyme variety is taller and shrubbier, and the blooms are rosier.

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