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Very Good. There are some useful videos around to advise you on proper ukulele care like this one from music nomad; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMYjIQQ6iQo. Kala Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele Model: KA-SMHT. + Bass, middle, and treble control. We are proud to provide impartial reviews, helping you find new bands and artists and the best musical instruments and equipment for your money. It is very lightweight and durably built, its solid construction speaks for itself. 1960s Yamaha No 60A ukulele … Hankey was previously known as Enya, and this tenor ukulele model from Hankey is a little bigger model then concert and soprano. It features a spruce top, sapele back and sides, an okoume neck, and genuine bone nut and saddle. It is a concert-style electronic-acoustic uke, with an all flamed mahogany body. It has an SG styled body and comes in a range of colors this one being a deep cherry red. We open our reviews with this semi-acoustic ukulele masquerading in an iconic Les Paul cherry burst outfit. $103.82. It features a built-in chromatic tuner with an LCD color display and also has 3 band EQ controls on board to allow users to sculpt and adjust their own preferred tone. It features 2 passive pickups with 2 way switching volume controls for tone adjustment and is naturally resonant as it is comprised of mahogany all over except for its rosewood fingerboard. The nut and saddle are buffalo bone and it is a very lightweight instrument. "KING" Handcrafted Wooden Guitar String Winder by Tenor. 4.5 of 5 stars (60) Reviews. Pros: + Super-lightweight. This ukulele on our list is a Koa Tenor ukulele from Hankey. It is a 15” scale length Ukulele, it has a triple-A grade flame maple top, which is a good tonewood, and the hardware is a top quality 14:1 nickel machine heads. It also opens you up to the possibility of sound experimentation by running them through a pedalboard or effects stack. They usually sport a scale of 15” and overall length around 23/24”. It benefits from a solid top and all the body wood is mahogany, the bridge and fingerboard are rosewood. It comes in caramel and has a slightly larger depth than the other models giving it a louder acoustic level than some of its competitors. + Stunning color customization choices. It too makes for a fabulous beginners budget bundle option as it comes with all the bells and whistles of a gig-bag, strap, a set of spare strings, as well as an easily adjustable electronic clip-on guitar tuner to boot. There are 3 kinds of electric ukuleles firstly we have solid-bodied which are pretty self-explanatory, they are not dissimilar to an actual electric guitar just a miniaturized scale-version. Why We Liked It - It is a striking looking Ukulele it handles well is solidly built and fun to play. This solid-bodied mahogany ukulele has the body contours of the early Epiphone guitars that first gave Gibson a run for their money. How do you choose the best and most suitable electric ukulele? Price: $329.99 . Check Pirce on Amazon. It is marginally more expensive than the ukulele emulating Epiphones legacy but the craftsmanship is brilliant. AKLOT 26 Inch Electric ukulele Electric Acoustic Tenor Ukulele Solid Mahogany Ukelele 26" Beginners Starter Kit with Free Online Courses and Ukulele Accessories Electric 26 4.6 out of … Open quick view dialog for Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Ukulele { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Cordoba 20TM-CE Tenor Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Ukulele. It basically boils down to how often you are likely to play it plugged or unplugged as to whether you pick a solid bodied electric or electric acoustic model in terms of the register it is down to individual preference of the overall sound if you are after that high Hawaiian twang we suggest a soprano. Caramel CT417 All Solid Mahogany Butterfly Style Tenor Acoustic Electric Ukulele with Extra strings, … They can be recorded directly into digital audio workstations for music production and songwriting. The other kind is technically speaking just acoustic traditional ukuleles that you have added a non-permanent pick-up too. + 18 frets. + Soprano sized/peanut shape. Having an electronic output means you can use a loop pedal to layer with and improvise over. Compare Compare Now site51429049719547843187 1428935657199. The benefits of an electric ukulele with its amplification capabilities far outweigh the abilities of a traditional ukulele. (Tenor Size), Kala Makala Classic Ukulele - Tenor with Electronics, Caramel CUB402 Electric 30 inch All Solid Mahogany Ukulele Bass - Tuned as D-G-B-E, Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele with Preamp, Satin Natural, Oscar Schmidt OU7TE Spalted Mango Tenor Acoustic/Electric Ukulele Aquila String, True Tune Tuner Package, Donner DUB-110 30 Inch Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele Spruce Mahogany Body with Built-in Tuner EQ Gig Bag, Kala KA-CGE Gloss Mahogany Concert Ukulele with Electronics Natural, Flight DUT 34 CEQ Designer Series Tenor Acoustic/Electric Ukulele with Gig Bag, Caramel Ebony wood Baritone Ukulele 30 inch Professional Wooden LCD color display Electric ukelele Kit Hawaiian Beginner Guitar ukalalee Starter Pack Bundle Gig bag, Strap,Strings, Wall mount Set, 21 inch Solid Mahogany Top and Back - Caramel CS419 Soprano LCD color display Electric Ukulele ukelele Kit Bundle Aquila Strings, Padded Gig Bag, Strap Hanger Set, Electric Ukulele 23 Inch Electro-Acoustic Soild Spruce Concert Ukulele Hawaii Guitar, Enya EUT-X1+EQ Tenor Acoustic Electric Ukulele HPL 26 inch Starter Kit with Online Lessons, String,Tuner,Strap,Finger shaker,Gig bag,Capo,Picks,Polishing cloth (Tenor EQ), Kala KA-TGE Gloss Mahogany Tenor with EQ - Natural, TANMUS 3in1 Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric Guitars(with Pick Holder and 4Picks),Ukulele,Guitar Accessories(Wood grain), Gator Cases Deluxe Hard-Shell Wood Case For Tenor Style Ukuleles (GWE-UKE-TEN), Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier, Gator Cases 4G Series Gig Bag For Tenor Style Ukuleles with Adjustable Backpack Straps (GB-4G-UKE-TEN), Kala Journeyman UBass Red U-BASS Mahogany with Gig Bag - New, Kala KA-CEME Exotic Mahogany Concert Acoustic-Electric Ukulele, Universal Guitar Stand by Hola! Many electronic models can be played acoustically as well as electronically so why not opt for the electric anyway for all the additional abilities it brings to the table. Pros: + Tenor option. It is a concert sized model with 17 frets. We have reviewed ten very different models which represent a good range of what is currently available online. + Built in tuner. Believe it or not, the industry is a competitive one with many companies quick to jump on the bandwagon so we have done our best to wheedle out just what each can do and as always we have presented our findings alongside a detailed buyers guide. 15% Off. What are the different types of Ukuleles? It features an under-saddle Piezo pick-up which provides a more authentic representation of the instruments natural acoustics, amplifying but staying true to the sound.

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