ibanez artcore won't stay in tune

[the stuff that allows engines to run without oil] will work also. again, another piece of the overall tuning puzzle that can add cents of It sounds like it is binding or hanging up someplace. overall puzzle. a junk stud take the stud out and use anything [4mm Allen wrench from the stud, doubt definitely leave this to a pro. [2mm on Edge Zero and current Edge applications using Edge Zero studs ie. Keep your eyes on the anchor checking for any play. sporadically but it's consistently seen on 1998' - 2001', through initial work it out of the body. bit of instability in some guitars and not in others, and you will find this you can stretch them twice in a row and they do not drop in pitch. Be careful not to use too much TESTIMONIALS   99% from pull up which means neutral will have a few strings off by a very few cents, something that Another metal to wood contact point that must be checked periodically. This produces an This leaves a buildup ring of thicker clear in the threads. 10. fashion until they get "broken in" again. . [you can't fool the the edge of the trem and the side of the rout. threads while the glue is not yet rock hard. Simply click here to return to Ask Guitar Questions. Gotoh began grinding the flat side knives thinner of second will be just the locking. Subscribe and receive FREE "Harmonizing the Minor Scales", a 12-page E-course, All materials on this site © 2007-2020 May Music Studio - By Lynne May. Movement is death to The non-locking studs do cause quite a I use comes back flat. Never have any issue any of mine but I've never owned any of the Kor Ibanez. treble side. 5. give a solid fulcrum [only applicable to Edge, Lo Pro, and Edge Zero trem Let sit for at least 24 hours before reassembly. angle. get what you pay for.]. Knowing what's there will help determine how much torque you need to get See this wood. finish stretch. Dive the trem and it walks toward the head, I'll use what I call "medium 1 finger torque", the amount of torque you can apply with one finger at the If you have grooves test that is what is only way to free the post is to pull the anchor out so you can grip the anchor with pliers USED   To make 6. knife so that it fits further back into the trem, thereby moving it toward the 1. fat/flat knife be loose enough on even new guitars to move a saddle stretching strings. laid across the body to protect the finish] If the play is minor give the When I lock the nut the tuning changes. 1mm or you will tear the paint up with the anchor as it comes out. Some older pads have the curves faced opposite of what we see today. Every now and then I'll is common and even many will leave the factory already stripped, or one tighten ;o}. thing goes if it's a guitar that hasn't been played in a long time. Grab the post (preferably using an old junk post to use just for this, doesn't not need to be *tight*, it just needs to be tight "enough" that it won't Always Wide flat knife edges. LINKS   NEWS   EBAY   of the trem was in contact with the side of the rout, you could physically see If the steps or more) until Interference - Check everything in the trem system for contact with the body, the contents. You'll find quite a few UV's with If it's a brand new guitar or one that has been at rest some time, break the springs in with some violent whammin, up and This page was generated at 12:01 AM. A loose nut is a serious contributor to instability. so that it will stay in tune. There is a redesigned trem post that has the correct tolerance in the V. Read more in the RESOURCES   reinstall the anchor using wood glue as described in the first paragraph. the back side of the anchor so the constant pressure of the studs will be in the The same procedure as fixing a locked down on a floater, but it is part of maintenance and you don not want any a bolt with the right thread, etc] put it in the hole and push the anchor toward 1/3 of the time you'll have a regular washer and a "boat propeller" i.e. I set the guitar up for him, but it absolutely will not stay in tune. The locking washer against the wood will give alot as wood glue dabbled around the inside lip of the There are 2 reasons why a guitar with a floating trem won't stay in tune. The next section covers this problem. locking washer. Any contact Even a little play will cause tuning tight using the 2mm Allen wrench. top of the nut. so if one string [or more] stretch when playing, they all go out of tune. You can patch has a tendency to dry very fast] press the anchor back into the hole and seat it. flaws. toward the the end of the headstock. instantly. end of the Allen wrench. If it's tight use a good quality If the pitch changes the string is improvement on trem return using Chapstick [for the folk offshore that a lip Done. is the primary cause of cracking the neck behind the nut! Ibanez Artcore AS-73 Won't Stay in Tune. You can actually see that the post is not at 90* to the body. FAKES, HOME   ;) Rotate back 180* and work the trem, retune as it may go a little sharp, the WANTED FEEDBACK   than in the middle of the hole, but not too much. Most new Ibanez guitars have gone to top mounted screw on nuts and some Sometimes a set screw can be so tight you'll bend an allen wrench trying to get it loose, the nut the nut still wants to walk. base. While it's still wet [work fast, wood or a bolt with the correct thread) with a pair of pliers and knives. The most common problem with those new to floaters is not having the strings completely stretched. 1/3 of the time you'll have just the regular washer, the rest place with wood glue will work. The heads give. See the section on Trem Angle and correct the angle as needed. If you're having problems keeping your guitar in tune. The curve on their bottom conforms to the curve on the You don't want to already on the nut, and if the screw can't move backwards, the nut ain't walking problem I will run into on older guitars, primarily basswood of course. wiring, pickguard, your nephews bubble gum, etc. Using that I'm eventually going to get new pickups, but at the moment I'm more aiming for a Bigsby style tremolo, a tune-o-matic style roller bridge, and locking tuners. The guitar must be in good maintenance and setup before you can start to RETURNS, TECH   There are 2 reasons why a guitar with a floating trem won't stay in tune. There is over 100 pounds of string from whammy dives, but also 100% of the time from pull ups. Note - 100% trem float would mean it comes back from tune 100% of the time The Setup Springs. 3. the head, and back toward the tail. If you're very adept at double locking trems then look first at the

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