list of cellular automata

The following is a list of Life-like cellular automata. A rule extremely rich in exotic speeds, including a p91 flamingoship. Also known as "Ice nine". Cellular Automata and Classifications of Complexity The one-dimensional cellular automaton exists on an in nite hori-zontal array of cells. A slow burn from almost any starting pattern, resulting in a rusting away of the local continuum. An exploding rule in which only cells with no neighbors survive. Its name comes from the fact that it sends patterns made up of 2×2 blocks to patterns made up of 2×2 blocks. Please help by reviewing this article for spelling and grammar mistakes, unclear wording, formatting mistakes, etc. A modification of the standard Gérard Vichniac voting rule, also known as "Anneal", used as a model for majority voting. An exploding rule by Brian Silverman in which every. An exploding rule in which patterns grow slowly and form coral-like textures. A chaotic rule that is by far the most well-known and well-studied. These transitional stages are represented by the shades of the two user-defined colors. The WBS Cellular Automata app is able to visualize smooth transitions between the alive and dead state. An exploding rule with many smaller high-period oscillators and a c/2068 spaceship. HighLife's replicator works in this rule, albeit with a different evolution sequence due to the result of B38/S23's pedestrian effect. Allows for arbitrary spaceships speeds of c/n where n is an odd number and greater than 4. A chaotic rule with evolution that resembles Conway's Life, but few patterns from Life work in this rule because the. An expanding rule that crystalizes to form maze-like designs. An exploding rule that was initially thought to be a stable alternative to. A more up-to-date and complete list can … A chaotic pattern that forms large diamonds with chaotically oscillating boundaries. An exploding rule in which every cell dies every generation (like seeds). We introduce CA using a simple example. Introduction. There is also an option of drawing the initial state of the automaton field with a … An exploding rule where the T-tetromino is a blinker puffer, appropriate because it evolves into traffic light in Life, also made of blinkers. Typical Uses of Cellular Automata 1. An exploding rule closely related to Conway's Life, named after the fact that the, An exploding rule in which patterns tend to expand forever, producing a thick "goo" as it does so. November 12, 2006. Has a small 2c/23 orthogonal, a high-period diagonal. Some "mice" run back and forth in the halls of maze. The following is a list of Life-like cellular automata. It also does not include articles on terminology describing such systems. There is a common period 14. Many patterns exhibiting highly complex behavior have been found for it. Each of them canonly instantiate one of two states; let us say that each cell can beturned on or off. Also known as "Persian Rug". Allows for arbitrary spaceships speeds of c/n where n is an even number and greater than 3. The 256 Rules. A chaotic rule with many simple still lifes, oscillators and spaceships. Cellular automata have found application in various areas, including physics, theoretical biology and microstructure modeling. Has an orthogonal replicator sharing some traits with HighLife's diagonal replicator. Small masses of solid living cells flicker in and out of existence. A rule similar to Mazectric but without S3. Standard Gérard Vichniac voting rule, also known as "Majority", used as a model for majority voting. Cellular automata are also called cellular spaces, tessellation automata, homogeneous structures, cellular structures, tessellation structures, and iterative arrays. A more up-to-date and complete list can be found on Catagolue. It exhibits highly complex behavior. cellular automata, abbrev. A cellular automaton (pl. An exploding rule where H-shaped branches grow from patterns' border. Also known as "Flakes" or "Inkspot". Suprisingly, Coagulations actually has one, A close Life variant with a number of distinctive natural growth patterns and (5,2)c/190. have longer "halls") than the standard maze rule. An expanding rule that produces complex flakes, featuring dense wickstretchers named "ladder". A rule in which random patterns tend to stabilize extremely quickly. A cross between tlife and HighLife. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Like in 2×2, patterns made of blocks will permanently remain made of blocks. A chaotic rule that is well balanced between life and death; it forms patterns with chaotic interiors and wildly moving boundaries. 1D Cellular Automata: Intro A lattice of cells usually square shaped , each of which can be in k different states, one of which is named quiescent Dimension and size of the lattice Local transition function and time steps State transformation and neighbors A cellular automaton : cells, transition function, set … A very stable rule that forms permanent diamond-shaped patterns with partially filled interiors.

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