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With how little there is in the way of services on Pitcairn, it shouldn’t be surprising that you won’t find a branch of an, option for running an offshore company or bank account, it simply, The same problems come up when you start looking at running an, And in some of these countries, your business and investment will earn you a second residency or citizenship with more value. By the time Sir Thomas Staines found the islanders in 1814, alcoholism, murder, and disease had killed almost all of the original mutineers. since. They traded goods and formed social ties among the three islands despite the long canoe voyages between them, which helped the small populations on each island survive despite their limited resources. As a resident of the island, you’ll be required to give voluntary labor each year wherever Pitcairn needs it the most. [58], In 1998 the UK's overseas aid agency, the Department for International Development, funded an apiculture programme for Pitcairn which included training for Pitcairn's beekeepers and a detailed analysis of Pitcairn's bees and honey with particular regard to the presence or absence of disease. This is, stereotypically, the area of the world people associate with offshore bank accounts. The Island Council customarily appoints a Mayor of Pitcairn as a day-to-day head of the local administration. cit: 88-9; Lewis op. Robert Pitcairn was a son of British Marine Major John Pitcairn, who later was killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill in the American Revolution. As of November 2013[update], for instance, seven residents were off-island. Robert Pitcairn was a son of British Marine Major John Pitcairn, who later was killed at the 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill in the American War of Independence. The boat dock on Pitcairn Island is also a popular place to fish. [92] The migrants are also required to take part in the unpaid public work to keep the island in order such as maintaining the island's numerous roads and paths, building roads, navigating the island longboats, and cleaning public toilets. It’s going to be a physically demanding challenge for people looking to live somewhere very different. will cost you $500 (NZD). Who said moving to an island inhabited by the descendants of mutineers was a bad idea? There’s a school there that runs on the same curriculum as New Zealand does, but if you want to try setting up in Pitcairn with your family you may have a little bit of trouble. Fish such as nanwee, white fish, moi, and opapa are caught in shallow water, while snapper, big eye, and cod are caught in deep water, and yellow tail and wahoo are caught by trawling. A 2014 report showed a grand total of 7 people living on the island between the ages of 18 and 40. Public work ensures the ongoing maintenance of the island's numerous roads and paths. If you’re looking to create wealth then you’ll most likely find better options out in the world, including fast-developing regions like Eastern Europe. Once you have your land, you can build a little, $150,000 house in the small-town, remote-island setting that you always hoped for. The People of Pitcairn Island. Until you obtain that residency, what jobs do exist aren’t even open to non-residents. [78], The only qualified high-voltage electrician on Pitcairn, who manages the electricity grid, reached the age of 67 in 2020. [citation needed] In 1938, the three islands, along with Pitcairn, were incorporated into a single administrative unit called the "Pitcairn Group of Islands". A similar study was also taken on the Pitcairn diaspora in Norfolk Island.[18][19]. Young married Albina McCoy, and together they had 12 children. There are numerous types of fish around the island. While this is technically possible, there are a lot of caveats. No, that makes way too much sense. Both claimed in 1908; territories formed in 1962 (British Antarctic Territory) and 1985 (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands). Please try to keep recent events in historical perspective and add more content related to non-recent events. Unlike other countries offering land, residency, or citizenship, they aren’t looking for investors or successful entrepreneurs to help build their economy. The island was almost wholly neglected by the metropole, and Lewis notes that for the duration of the twentieth century ‘only one Governor of Pitcairn…ever visited the territory for which he was responsible’ (ibid. On 3 May 1856, the entire population of 193 people set sail for Norfolk on board the Morayshire, arriving on 8 June after a difficult five-week trip.

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