russian grammar exercises

Each of these tests deals with a particular topic (numbers, colours, animals, days of the week...). Level: Beginner Each entry allows you to click on it to hear the phrase said in Russian (with a subscription to the site). Choose the right form of the noun in brackets. You can check your answers to make sure you are correct or ask for help if you get stuck. While this stress sign is helpful for beginners, it is never used by native Russians in writing. If you do well on this exercise, your next step would be to practice with a real, live person. Russian grammar exercises. This source provides eight different sentence structures to help you speak better in Russian. Learning the Russian grammar doesn’t have to be neither boring nor hard. Use FluentU’s quizzes to actively practice all the vocabulary in any video. Use Mondly to practice conversational Russian based on everyday situations (and listening to native speakers) rather than memorizing long and boring rules. The present, past and future tense are now all at your fingertips. Created by the U.S. War Department, this is a great resource that helps users learn to craft sentences from specific words. These structures include asking questions, describing a subject, talking about time and other commonly-used constructions. can take anywhere. Includes tests on such subjects as numbers, furniture, time, "The drag-and-drop and visuals make it a lot more fun and easy than just reading flashcards. Level: Beginner Topic: Masculine nouns in the accusative case (1) Instructions: Choose the right ACCUSATIVE form of each MASCULINE NOUN. Every lesson introduces Russian grammar exercises where you read, listen to natives, write and speak. Published in Finnish, translated from Eng-lish. ISBN 951-20-5507-4 3. For example, choose one of the terms covered, such as на балет (to the ballet). ],to the feminine - [ж.р. Grammar is an important item that you have to take into account when learning a foreign language. This site boasts a lot of supplemental exercises for the book If you need help, you can watch a video with the vocabulary used. A good resource for learning very basic Russian vocabulary in a quiz Millions of people around the world are in this exact situation. Common Gender Nouns. Exercise 17 ", "Mondly uses games and gestures to help you learn new languages. Words like the ones just mentioned are called homographs. Shop - Russian school. Challenge yourself with 65 grammar questions from Beginner Level (A1) to Lower Advanced (B2+). We feel the same way. By listening to natives, you will know advanced Russian grammar rules to use in real life conversations even if you never studied the rules themselves. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. Exercise 16 We also participate in other affiliate advertising programs for products and services we believe in. Russian Noun. For example, “мука́” means flour, but “му́ка” means torture; “замо́к” means lock while “за́мок” means castle. Russian grammar exercises. Russian grammar exercises. new Russian vocabulary and grammar. Grammar Games and Exercises Gender of Nouns (1) - determining the gender of nouns Back to main: Determine the gender of the following nouns If a noun belongs to the masculine gender click the button [м.р. Grammar made simple. The app combines listening, writing, speaking and reading skills—the four building blocks to learning true Russian. Or you can attempt to translate the exercises for yourself before referring to the back. What makes this source fun is the ability to compete against other students by trying to outdo them and get the higher scores when completing exercises! Choose the right form of each noun. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Phrases with Russian adjectives in any gender and case: How much grammar is enough? Number of Russian nouns (nominative plural) If you want to keep your language skills in good shape, don't forget to train them here for free. In school, you were typically forced to memorize conjugations, pronouns and verbs. We believe Russian grammar exercises should get you ready for real life conversations. Subscribe to our newsletter. Golosa Exercises body, jobs and occupations, food and colors. Any gender 2 There are only 2 cases when Russians use capital letters: at the beginning of a sentence and when writing a proper name like the name of a person or city. Masculine Nouns. Make sure your text is following the correct grammar structure! There are plenty of tools allows you check grammatical mistakes in many languages without charging any penny. Russian grammar exercises to get you one step closer to fluency, The Russian grammar will seem easy and fun, Get ready for real conversations in Russian. You'll find the activities divided into 3 different levels (from beginner to advanced) and every exercise consist of a 10-question test. Topic: Masculine adjectives in the accusative case (1). Shop - Russian school. "Living & Working in the Former USSR" - 211 pages, colour illustrated, succesfully practised course book of Modern Russian… Join over 1 million people enjoying our occasional language tips, special offers and more. Terms of use       FluentU takes all kinds of real-world videos and turns them into language learning experiences, as you can see here: Didn’t catch something? Learn some basic Russian with these ten free online grammar exercises. While a typical dictionary gives you translations for individual words, here you will find idiomatic translations for phrases and sentences, too (over 30,000 to be exact). Each sentence is presented as a virtual flashcard, with the Russian audio on the front and the Russian sentence and English translation written on the back. The app contains three sections with seven to eight short lessons (each about five minutes long). Here you will find video, grammar tables and exercises. Russian Sentence Structure for Beginners. transliteration, and verb conjugation. For example, when you are learning about food, you can practice conjugating the verb “hungry”: Then, as a challenge, you can look up words in the dictionary and try to make your own sentences before comparing them to the text. Each section consists of 7 or 8 grammar lessons that take around 5 minutes each to complete. What this source lacks in professionalism (even the directions are not written in proper English), it makes up in comprehensiveness. It uses that vocab to give you a 100% personalized experience by recommending videos and examples. My Yahoo! Form your own sentences with the selected words based on the constructions taught by this source. Since you’ve read this far, you’re obviously serious about learning Russian. However, remember that, even though grammar is important, there are more things to take into account when learning Russian as a foreign language. Grammar activities : Short exercises to help you practice your grammar knowledge. | This will help you test your knowledge of Russian cases. Russian: Продукты. The site offers exercises which are divided by topic, such as animals, time, school, etc. Practice different ways to tell time or to express things you want to do. Exercise 6 Grammar exercises. Explore ways of talking about the books you read. Neuter, Any gender 1 Exercise 20. Interestingly enough, one of the ways to say fluent or literate in Russian is Грамотный.

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