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Meanwhile a group of kids and their benefactors are held hostage in a circus camp by the baddies, who has taken over the show. His alcoholism however starts taking a huge toll on his life and things take a turn for the worst. He wants the corpses of the inmates for the medical college run by his son. However, his brother is mentally unstable and he causes trouble to everyone including the neighbors. Vasoottan an auto driver by profession, who is very good at heart and meanwhile he is an impetuous person. Madhavan Nair has over the years, finally managed to start leading a comfortable life in Abudhabi, when Meenakshi drops into his life from heaven. Sai (Kunchacko Boban), a high-profile software engineer who is currently acknowledged as the best in their payrolls of his big MNC. Sunny, a priest, comes to know that Vavachan is running an old age home with vile intentions. The script was written by Suresh Satheesh, while the story was written by Pakru himself which revolves around the bonding between friends living in an imaginary village named Kumarapuram bordering Tamil Nadu. The film begins with Mallanchira Chandramohan's(Manoj K. Jayan) plan to sell off his mansion, to pay up his heavy debts. [citation needed] They have three children: Kashinathan, Vasudev and Hridya. It was during this period his enemies began to die one by one. The film starts in a street in Fort Kochi where Vasco da Gama, the son of a wrestler named Michael, lives. The lives of a vedic scholar Pattabhiramagiri and his family come under threat after a godman and his goons try to displace him from his centuries-old ancestral home as part of building an ashram. The first one involves the murder of a young politician, Jaimy Padamadan, which is being investigated by Jacob Alexander (Sharath Kumar). In 2014, Suraj won the National Film Award for Best Actor for his lead role in Perariyathavar. He grows up to be a lovable thug who falls for Thenmozhy, while Achu marries Lakshmi. Kerala State Film Awards 2020 Winners List: 'Vasanthi' is Best Film, Suraj Venjaramoodu Declared Best Actor 'Vasanthi' poster (L), Suraj Venjaramoodu. All of them have different aims in there mind after reaching trivandram. The film focusses on certain individuals and related issues and moves beyond the limited issues of glamour world. Their plans are derailed after a suspicious death. An investigatory story that centers around an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Ratheesh Vasudevan who uncovers the mystery behind the illicit killing of a young communist, Anoop. Anil decides to look for his friend Hari who has been missing since seven years. In 2006, working in different corners of the world, the friends get together for a class reunion to revive the joy and laughter of their student days. Later he commits suicide due to the debts from the production of the film. Sivan, a member of the gypsy group who roams around the cities to make a living. Sameer (Soubin Sahir) is in Kerala on vacation. Maya Bazaar is a place in a village called Mayannoor where people buy salvaged cars for their parts. Place of Birth: Venjarammoodu, Kerala, India. When Kasim is found murdered, the needle of suspicion points towards the group. The story of "Chandrettan Evideya" revolves around Chandramohan (Dileep), who is a government servant and also an ardent classical dance follower and his wife Sushama(Anusree) is also a government employee. Oru Kudumba Chithram is a 2012 Indian Malayalam film, directed by Ramesh Thampi and produced by Kanakam Subair, Manu Sreekandapuram and Ramesh Kumar. The film had musical score by Anil Pongumoodu and Indrajith Ramesh. Problems start brewing in his life when he has to pay for his father's sins. Somehow he reached Dubai after years he left from Gopalapuram and he managed to get a job there. This is Suraj's first movie as a hero and he handles a double role in the movie. Initially Anandakkuttan hates Akash Menon, but finally he develops a bond between his brother and himself. Will they find the purpose of their lives amid the chaos? Sam is stuck somewhere in the past, courtesy a mishap that occurred six years back, that had almost cost him his life. Three childhood friends Mathukutty (Mohanlal), Binoy (Dileep) and Zachariah (Jayaram) re-unite in Goa to fight a Casino don who was responsible for the deaths of their fathers. They even sacrifice their own career trying to promote their favorite stars. Now Guptan Namboothiri wants to avenge for it. A political fights between the communist party and opposition forms the story. The Kerala government had announced the Kerala State film awards 2020 jury in March. Shockingly, on the night of the reunion, one of the classmates is almost murdered and goes into a coma. But they get separated soon after. She was on the verge on committing suicide. Life changes for Madhavankutty, a school teacher after he witnesses a theft at a money lender's shop in his village, which has no identity of its own. [2] By coincidence his individuality is misundertood for a witness to a sensational crime involving top brass of industrialists and political class. The two groups keep finding reasons to mess with each other. The film also features Nisha Agarwal, Vinutha Lal, Innocent, Suraj Venjarammood, Salim Kumar and Vijayaraghavan in other important roles. Suraj Venjaramoodu Movies. Jimmy Ee Veedinte Aiswaryam is a comedy film directed by Raju Chandra, starring Mithun Ramesh, Divya Pillai and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the lead roles. Dileep and Salim Kumar play the overseers of two affluent families that have been loggerheads with each other for a long time. While the royalty prides itself on it, the treasure attracts the attention of a lot of people. She has made her entry into the village with a very definite purpose. His voice repels people from interacting with him. The film inside the film is titled 'Cindrella' and Sheela plays Anamika, the actress doing the female lead in 'Cindrella'. Trending Desk; Last Updated: October 13, 2020, 13:21 IST; FOLLOW … Maanukkuttan and Smitha lead a happy life after getting married to each other. Will he remain truthful even in the times of adversity? Omanakuttan, is a Bank Manager by profession. Roy decides to take his family on a vacation to Singapore, but Anu insists that they first go to Roy's old home. He is a man with diverse qualities. The duo runs into Eliana , who has been kidnapped, and together they devise a new plan to mint some easy money. Suraj started his career as a stand-up comedian. Vedika also lives in Kuala Lumpur and works as a helper in an orphanage. He shoulders all the responsibilities of his family and is someone who is ready to sacrifice everything for his sisters. He mainly plays comedy roles, though he has played some character roles as well. One fine day, he makes a counterfeit note and it leads him to a shady antique shop owner, Danny Sayippu (Mukesh). Aswathi (Kavya Madhavan), who is a lower mid-class Malayali woman from Pattambi, Kerala. But she doesn't know that, behind her back, her darling husband is dying to flirt with every woman that he sees. His wife Subha lakshmi is unhappy that her husband is not earning a lot to lead a financially healthy life. To overcome this, he decides to document the night with hidden cameras; an act which has roots in his long but unfulfilled dream to become a film maker. He is the Son of Ratheesh Kumar (Cochin Haneefa), a film junior artist. He is a three-time recipient of the Kerala State Film Award for Best Comedy Artist. Dennis Paul (Maqbool Salman) is a business consultant working in Malaysia. He is approached by a film crew from town headed by Pavan, to produce their debut venture. The village of Kanakkodu is free of politics and political parties. A man, Savari, does odd jobs in the town of Thrissur. Click here to login or here to sign up. The film revolves around the struggles faced by Alice, a cyclist. Kuttan PIllai has decided to spend his Sivarathri (night of the Lord Shiva) with some good time with his family, only to be hampered by the news that some guests will be arriving that day. The story revolves around the lives of two bosom friends Parvathy and Lekshmi. She thinks he is not very expressive about his feelings, and is always worried that he might one day fall for some other beautiful girl.

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