the law of vibration

That is why you appear to be solid but you are not. As long as you don’t dwell too long in a negative state, you’ll be fine. Being independent from your surroundings is one thing, but to be able to believe in what you imagine more than what you perceive around you will give you the keys to changing reality itself. If you follow them diligently, I’m sure they will work for you just as well. We’ve all felt it before. Quantum Physics states that everything is energy too. In creating that feeling within yourself you invoke The Law of Vibration deliberately. It is energy. What you imagine is as real as what you see in reality. It is to a large extent how you experience life. I hope you now more fully understand that it does work for each one of us. In these instances, there is no need to suppress your feelings and force yourself into a positive state. Every atom and molecule is vibrating in a certain motion, speed, vibration… What we say doesn’t just reflect the state of our minds, it works both ways, with our speech also affecting our minds. When you start taking about “vibrations” or “vibes” it instantly puts off a lot of people who associate these terminologies with woo-woo hippies and new age gurus. As you can see peace, love and joy are some of the emotions with the highest vibration. As the intensity of your thoughts and imagination increases, they will start manifesting in real life. Similar to what I said above about feelings, the simple act of being aware and conscious has the amazing ability to transmute any forms of negative vibrations into neutral ones. Some may say that living in such a way is delusional, but they’ve never seen firsthand, the wonders that this technique is capable of achieving. What’s happening here is no coincidence, now we’re going to push the boundaries of your beliefs a little, but bear with me. Back in the day, I was single and wanted desperately to attract a suitable partner into my life. Suspend your beliefs, stretch the limits of your skepticism for a moment and imagine to your heart’s content. It decrees that everything moves, nothing rests, we literally live in an ocean of motion.” “Do you know that everything is an expression of the same thing, the leaves, the tree, the cement, the body, the clothes, it’s all energy at a different rate of vibration.” This is very similar to the scale of consciousness used by Dr Hawkins, a psychologist who has remarkable understanding of the mind, in his amazing book, Power vs Force. When you make a conscious effort to change the words that you use often, you’ll also be able to change your vibrational state. Every thought you have generates a corresponding vibration in your mind and your body. You simply need to vibrationally match up with what you want to manifest. Within just a few months, I was able to attract the love of my life and have never been happier. The mindsets and pointers I’m about to share have allowed to me stay in state of higher consciousness during most of my waking hours. Understanding this law allows you to change everything that you attract and allows you to get to the source of all phenomena, thereby giving you the ability to gain complete control over most of your life and destiny. How Do I Change The Way I Think About Money? Identify the general rate of vibration of the uptrend or downtrend. It is impossible for you to attract love if your vibration is that of fear and hate. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'comanifesting_com-box-4','ezslot_1',106,'0','0']));The energy of sound moves in waves. It is only the difference in vibrational frequency that creates the illusion of separation. The words you say also happen to be a very accurate way to infer your present vibrational state. Your subconscious mind will inevitably take note of the changes in your speech and respond accordingly, reflecting all you say into your life. This principle explains the difference between the different manifestations of matter and spirit, or how in reality there is no difference. You are pure energy. This is a scientific fact and it is how we scientifically understand the world. In the need, manifestation is a match game. So, it’s imperative that you deal with them as best as soon you can. On a practical level we’ve all felt it. As covered in the 7 Hermetic Principles, the Principle or Law of Vibration states that everything has a frequency of energy. Feelings are sometimes beyond our control however, so what you should do whenever negative feelings arise is to simply observe them in a very present state of mind and let them go afterwards. Remember, there is no difference between an imagined object and a real object except in vibrational frequency. The Law of Vibration is beyond the Law of Attraction. When you are in love for instance, you feel strong and have a “spring in your step”. It’s the key to a greater life. The Law of Vibration, first introduced by the renowned Law of Attraction master, Bob Proctor and expanded upon in books such as The Kybalion, is one of the fundamental laws of reality that plays a very important role in determining what you manifest and attract into your life. From Dr. Hawkins’ study on these levels of consciousness the lower vibrations weaken you both physically and emotionally while the higher vibrations has the opposite effect. Does Deja Vu Mean Your On The Right Path. Therefore, extra effort must be taken to watch what you let into your mind, less you be dragged down along with the world. You are energy, trees are energy, animals are energy. These two universal laws have a deeper connection. The way that energy works is through the concept of resonance. And at this deepest most basic level of reality, there’s no separation between you and anything around you. To do that, you need to pay attention to 2 main things, the feelings that you feel most often and the words that you use the most. Keep at it until speaking in an abundant manner becomes second nature and you’ll start to see massive improvements in your life. Even objects that you perceive as solid is made up of energy. Shame, guilt, fear and anger are all emotions with a very low vibration.

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