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There are many reasons why having a collection containing all scales in music fascinates us, but the most attractive one is that it is . It includes intervallic formulas, degrees formulas, dissonance index…, 20% found this document useful, Mark this document as useful, 80% found this document not useful, Mark this document as not useful, Save The Universal Encyclopedia of Scales For Later. Pentachord • Chromatic PentaMirror • Messiaen VII • Blues • Ritsu • Raga Yamuna Kalyan’s • Raga Megh • Chromatic Mixolydian Inverse Hexachord • Raga Bagesri • Ionian add#4 Bebop Hexachord • Chromatic Bebop Hexachord • Hexatonic I:IIo • Messiaen V n13 • Septatonic (Blues) VI Hexachord • Raga Viyayanagari • Messiaen IV(2) Hexachord • Septatonic (Blues) II Hexachord • Hirajoshi (Kostka) add13 • Honchoshi Plagal • Chinese • Enigmatic Minor Hexachord • Aeolian b1 • Major Blues Heptatonic Omit 2 • Chromatic Mixolydian Omit b7 • Pelog Omit 7 • Raga Kalakanti Omit 4 • Chromatic Phrygian Inverse Omit 6 • Septatonic (Blues) I Hexachord • Raga Vasanta • Dominant Pentatonic add#9 • Raga Vijayasri • Raga Vaijayanti addb13 • Raga Paraju • Messiaen IV(3) Hexachord • Chromatic PentaMirror add#5 • Hexatonic bVI:VI • Raga Kalakanti Omit #4 • Messiaen IV Hexachord • Raga Vijayavasanta • Raga Vasantabhairavi • Blues addb13 Hexachord • Hexatonic VII:IVm • Bebop Augmented Hexachord • Hexatonic bIII:#IVo • Scriabin addb13 • Hexatonic IV:bVIm • Ultraphrygian Omit b2 • Blues Phrygian Hexachord • Messiaen VII(2) Hexachord • Hexatonic V+:#IVo • Youlan Hexachord • Neapolitan Omit 4 • Mixolydian Augmented addb9 Hexachord • Messiaen IV(4) Hexachord • Hexatonic Io:IIo • Blues Minor maj7 • Hexatonic VIo:bVIo • Raga Vasanta add#9 Hexachord • Hexatonic Im:bVIIo • Balinese add7 • Spanish Heptatonic Hexachord • Raga Viyogavarali • Raga Gandharavam • Houseini Hexachord • Hexatonic VIm:bVIo • Bebop Harmonic Minor Hexachord • Kung addb13 • Blues Heptatonic Hexachord • Septatonic (Blues) I Omit 5 • Messiaen VII(4) Hexachord • Blues Enneatonic Hexachord • Chromatic Diatonic Dorian Hexachord • Prometheus • Raga Kalakanti Omit b2 • Chromatic Heptachord • Altered Locrian Omit 6 • Messiaen VII Hexachord • Raga Jyoti • Ionian • Melodic Minor • Harmonic Minor • Major Blues • Harmonic Major • Neapolitan • Neapolitan Minor • Double Harmonic Major • Enigmatic • Mixolydian b5 • Enigmatic Minor • Major Bebop Omit 4 • Altered Locrian n5 • Chromatic Phrygian Inverse • Chromatic Hypodorian • Raga Madhuri • Blues Heptatonic n3 • Youlan Heptachord • Zirafkend Omit 4 • Messiaen V add13 • Raga Neelangi India add5 • Messiaen IV Omit #4 • Harmonic Neapolitan Minor Omit 7 • Raga Latika addb9 • Symmetrical Augmented add9 • Messiaen V add3 • Messiaen III Inv. Every scale in music has its own individual scale page that shows all related information: Using scale theory to improvise and compose, Copyright 2018 mDecks Music LLC, All Right Reserved. Enjoy the Guitar & Keyboard Scales Poster PDF, a companion to the book, How Music REALLY Works! geography, and cultural context, part of a universal language that goes before, and beyond, words. Finding the balance between theory and creativity. The Universal Encyclopedia of Scales (Introduction) - YouTube Piano Improvisation by Ariel J. Ramos. How does it work? A massive 2600+ page interactive PDF. Finding All Scales In Music. It includes chapters on scale theory, several master indexes by mode count and note count, source scales, symmteric scales and hexatonic bi-triadic scales. It's truly massive: more than 400 large pages packed with diagrams, analysis and explanations. 2600 pages showing every scale over the circle of fifths, notated in twelve keys with piano keyboard & guitar fretboard. • Maj7 • Min7 • Min7b5 • Dom7 • Aug7 • 7sus4 • Minor Maj7 • Aug Maj7 • Major Triad add9 • Maj7 Sus2 • Maj7 Sus4 • Chromatic Trichord add5 • Min7b5 Sus4 • Minor Triad add9 • Major Pentatonic Omit 5 • Major Tetrachord • Maj6 Sus#4 • Dom7#9 Omit 5 • Chromatic Trichord add4 • Dorian Tetrachord • Major Triad add#4 • dimMaj7 • Minor-Major Triad • Maj7 sus#4 • Chromatic Trichord add#5 • Mixolydian b9 Tetrachord • Major Blues Tetrachord • Messiaen V Tetrachord • Minor Triad add#11 • 7sus4 #4 • Minor Triad addb9 • Insen Omit 4 • Phrygian Tetrachord • Whole Tone Tetrachord • Messiaen VI Tetrachord • Messiaen III Inv. Tetrachord • Chromatic Tetrachord • Diminished Triad add3 • Altered Tetrachord • Harmonic Minor Tetrachord • Messiaen VI • Messiaen IV • Major Pentatonic • Hirajoshi (Burrows) • Ionian Pentachord • Raga Shri Kaylan • Septatonic (Blues) II Pentachord • Chromatic Dorian Pentachord • Dorian Pentatonic • Minor Pentachord • Oriental Tetratonic • Lydian Pentachord • Major Pentatonic addb9 Pentachord • Major Pentatonic b13 • Sabach Pentachord • Dominant Pentatonic • Raga Vaijayanti • Raga Vijayasri Omit #4 • Double Harmonic Major Pentachord • Minor Maj7 add9 • Raga Megh Omit 4 • Messiaen V Truncated add9 • Messiaen V Omit b2 • Hungarian Minor Pentachord • Raga Vaijayanti b7 • Messiaen V Omit #4 • Hirajoshi (Kostka) addb9 Pentachord • Blues Omit b7 • Phrygian Pentachord • Min7 add9 • Major 6 add#11 • Scriabin • Chromatic Phrygian Pentachord • Major 6 add#9 • Raga Valaji • Locrian Tetrachord • Ionian b5 Pentachord • Chromatic Bebop Pentachord • Mixolydian Augmented Pentachord • Bebop Augmented Pentachord • Japanese Pentachord • Messiaen IV Pentachord • Raga Harikauns n13 • Altered Pentachord • Messiaen IV(2) Pentachord • Nohkan Pentachord • Diminished Pentachord • Min6 addb13 • Enigmatic Minor Pentachord • Raga Vasanta Pentachord • Maj7 add#9 • Maj7 addb7 • Balinese Pentachord • Raga Jyoti Pentachord • Hungarian Major Pentachord • Dom7 add#11 • Balinese n3 • Ultraphrygian Pentachord • Dom7 addb9 • Dom7 addb13 • Locrian Dominant Pentachord • Minor Maj7 addb9 • Major Blues Pentachord • Moorish Phrygian Pentachord • Messiaen VI Pentachord • Kung b13 • Messiaen III Inv. Address : Coral Springs, FL, USA with only two notes), and 344 of the other 2036 scales are source scales” A complete encyclopedia of scales has always been on every musician’s wish-list. the Guitar & Keyboard Scales Poster PDF if you take a few minutes to read the next 15 pages (up to the end of Part 10) before you start exploring and printing the poster images. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these basic shapes are as self-explanatory as to need no analysis. "Painting Music Improvisation" by Ariel J. Ramos. How to represent a scale as a graph over the circle of fifths. This is the most complete book of guitar scales and arpeggios ever written. addb9 • Chromatic Bebop addb13 • Symmetrical Nonatonic add13 • Chromatic Undecachord. A true understanding of what they represent can only add to the comprehension of the more elaborate shapes and symbols that follow in this section. Phone : 954 319 7096 Click on any of the icons to learn more. How to use scale theory to create amazing compositions and improvisations. The Universal Encyclopedia of Scales - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. What are Scales of Limited Transpositions? 4 Music Theory Apps you didn't know existed and will take your music knowledge to the next level in no time. A universal encyclopedia of scales makes sense only if it contains all … 2600 pages showing every scale over the circle of fifths, notated in twelve keys with piano keyboard & guitar fretboard. It includes chapters on scale theory, several master indexes by mode count and note count, source scales, symmteric scales and hexatonic bi-triadic scales. universal. A massive 2600+ page interactive PDF. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. (Symmetry). Why is it useful? III Truncated(2) • Half Diminished • Major Triad • Minor Triad • Sus4 Triad • Diminished Triad • Min7 Omit 5 • Maj7 Omit 3 • Sus #4 Triad • Sus b2 Triad • Maj7 Omit 5 • Dom7 Omit 3 • Ionian Trichord • Phrygian Trichord • Dom7 Omit 5 • Chromatic Trichord • Min7b5 Omit 3 • Dorian Trichord • Harmonic Minor Trichord-end • Mixolydian b9 Trichord • Messiaen V • Messiaen II Truncated(3) • Raga Indupriya India • Messiaen III Inv. This interactive PDF is organized by different scale theory properties which are used to linked related pages across the entire encyclopedia., A journey through the Universal Encyclopedia of Scales. How do we write a scale's intervallic formula. Augmented Triad • Diminshed 7th • Whole Tone • Chromatic • Messiaen V Truncated • Dom7b5 • Messiaen Inv. 2600 pages showing every scale over the circle of fifths, notated in twelve keys with piano keyboard & guitar fretboard. In the new youtube series we will take a closer look at scales and how to use and interpret the universale encyclopeida of scales. All 2048 the scales in music with links to source scales, related modes and all scale properties in a 3 minute video. We explain the definition of scale used in the encyclopedia.

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