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Local magazines are a staple for content marketing specific to towns, cities, or regions. To come up with the following list, I looked at popular blog post ideas related to travel. For instance, I have loads of New York City travel content because I know that even though it’s not a travel destination to me, it is to other people. If you’re … This kind of travel content can drive tourism and help a community’s economy. Let’s look at these content marketing ideas for the travel industry. Tips For Content Creators 1. One of the key ways to grow your Instagram is to share beautiful images that align with your passions and goals. Additionally, on the right, you can see other suggested keywords with important information related to how competitive they are and how often people search for them. Why not package up your wisdom into an online course that further helps your readers? They surely apply to your destination, but they could also be applied to thousands of destinations worldwide. Top 10 most underrated cities in the world, Unexpected travel expenses and how to avoid them. Pin it for later! These can make for great content ideas. I have a whole post detailing just how to do that! Choose a domain name. Optimize your blog posts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Travel articles are peppered with meaningless words and phrases: stunning, incredible, pretty, diverse; ‘land of contrasts’, ‘melting pot’, ‘bustling’. Private Member’s Lounge group where you can get your questions answered. Weekly VIP Opportunities Newsletter with paid opportunities, press trips, and more! Every good idea starts with a good plan. In terms of the categories you put on a travel blog post, consider how you want to organize your content. Moreover, this list is customizable. Before we dive into the list of travel blog topics, let’s discuss how to determine what to post on your blog. Stick with one or two main strategies, and then once you master those, you can add in others. The best destinations for a budget-friendly wellness experience, The best destinations for solo female travelers, How to avoid the single supplement when traveling solo, Best gifts for a certain type of traveler — such as the best gifts for solo female travelers, Traditional Christmas desserts from around the world, Lessons learned from traveling to X# countries, Recount one of your favorite funny travel stories, Share an inspiring love story from the road, Share one of your favorite inspiring travel stories about the kindness of strangers abroad, A summer travel guide for a particular destination — or you can even niche down to a specific month, such as July Travel In Seattle. Travel Blog Names: How to Choose One + Ideas. Moreover, if you have an automated email sequence set up for new subscribers you can add in your best blog posts to help the content continuously get traffic. Promote your new travel blog post on your social media channels. That link gets you a two-week free trial, no credit card required! Note that this post contains affiliate links to trusted partners I think you’ll love! How to sleep on a plane. If you’re considering starting a blog, that’s awesome. For instance, you might have “North America” as a category and “USA” and “Canada” as tags. You’ll find the Trello board within my free Travel Blogger Resource Library. A review of the Eurail pass (or another transportation pass) A guide to using a city’s transportation, such as the subway in NYC I've worked with Travel Content Collective for a couple of years now and Darren and his team always come through with great content. Instead, consider how you might cover where you live in a way that would be interesting to travelers. Trust me, you’re not the only blogger to fall into the ‘I don’t know what to write about’ rut. Your blog will NOT grow until you start writing and promoting your content. Some page ideas include: — Vacation Packages: Tell them all about the different sorts of packages you offer from family vacations to weekend getaways! From there, you make a promise to them — such as a solution to a problem or a benefit of some kind. best destinations for solo female travelers, Click here to snag access to my free Travel Blogger Resource Library, how to come up with blog post ideas that people actually read. Your blog … And with so many to choose from, you’ll never need to wonder what to write about again. Local magazines let both tourists and community members alike see what their community has to offer. Just thinking about the highlights of your recent trips might give you a dozen amazing travel blog post ideas. Personally, I work with Mediavine for this. Luckily, there is a free Headline Analyzer tool from CoSchedule that can help with this. Few people will be interested in a hourly report about your transatlantic flight, but who wouldn’t love to hear about that one time when you got assaulted by a gorilla, kissed by a dolphin or… 120+ Travel Blog Post Ideas For Engaging Content, 5-DAY PROFIT PLANNING SUMMIT FOR BLOGGERS. [Free Quiz], For Brands – Share Partnership Opportunities, Rate Card & Collaboration Proposal Templates. There are many ways to boost your travel blogging income — especially if you’re focusing on offering paid products, services, and experiences that fulfill your mission and that are an extension of your travel blog content. These travel blog post titles and topic ideas come from researching what people are actually searching in Google so that you can create content people truly want to read. While Keysearch offers loads of tutorials on how to use their tool, here is a quick overview: Above is an example of me researching “places to hike on Long Island,” a keyword I currently rank in the first spot of Google for.

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