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By James Mielke on April 28, 2000 at 9:00PM PDT Soccer, or "football," as some would have it, … The original Virtua Striker, released in 1994, was the first association football game to use 3D computer graphics, and was also notable for its early use of texture mapping,[1] along with Sega's own racing video game Daytona USA. Please do not link directly to media. Instead of instant pass-shoot one-touch shots on goal, you must pause (even while running) to hold down the shoot button for an indeterminate amount of time before you can kick. The series has been ported to consoles on two occasions:Virtua Striker 2 for the Dreamcast (released in Japan and Europe as Virtua Striker 2 ver. He cited the smooth and accurate control, realistic player moves, camera which consistently zooms in or out to the perfect frame at every moment of play, "gorgeous" texture-mapped players and backgrounds, and realistically strong defense. Juego de Cobra Striker, Blade Striker, Top Striker, Invincicar 3D, Counter Striker, Euro Striker 2012, Stuntmania 3D, Virtua Worm, Virtua Striker Online online gratis. Once inside all arcade games are Free to Play! Important!! Virtua Striker 2 features two other hidden teams in addition to FC Sega: MVP Yukichan and MVP Royal Genki (exclusive to Version 2000.1), both of which consist of strange, cartoonish characters. With Namco developing a soccer game (World Kicks) on Sega's Naomi board, and Konami whipping up an International Super Star Soccer for DC, there are far better possibilities for DC soccer playing looming on the horizon. While this sounds streamlined and dandy, it never seems to work to your benefit. Motion capture was put to good use here, as every player moves smoothly and fluidly, but again, this never carries over into the gameplay. It has average visuals, frustrating controls and some really annoying sounds. While there are loads of tournament, arcade, and versus modes available, they all play badly and are no fun, in equal proportions. In Japan, Game Machine listed Virtua Striker on their July 15, 1995 issue as being both the second most-successful arcade game and the most-successful dedicated arcade game of the year. All rights reserved. Designed & managed by DiCE Creative. Like Virtua Racing, Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop and later Virtua Tennis, it is part of the Virtua series, and the first in the set of Virtua Striker … He gave it four out of five stars. [2] Only two games in the series have been released on home consoles - Virtua Striker 2 for the Sega Dreamcast, and Virtua Striker 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube. When games like FIFA 99 almost completely get it right, with control a deliberate and conscientious thing, Virtua Striker's faults become obvious far too quickly. Other times, while you're chasing a ball, another member of your team, coming from the opposite direction, will come within striking distance of the ball. The computer is agile and very adept at taking the ball from you every two seconds, something that, unfortunately, doesn't seem to work the other way around. 2002, there is an unlockable team called FC Sonic. 2002 in Japan). [4] The Virtua Striker 2 series run on Sega Model 3,[5] with the exception of Virtua Striker 2 ver. The game is incredibly beautiful, but in the gameplay, where it counts, the game falls miserably short. Virtua Striker is an arcade football game developed by Sega AM2. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Frustratingly, your only method of defense, aside from trying to steal the ball, is a slide-tackle. The original Virtua Striker game received Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ports, distributed respectively through Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, in February 2013, exclusively for Japan.[3]. What's significant is that a game like this was only recently made possible due to the Dreamcast's powerful hardware. However, that doesn't save this game from being a clunker. Virtua Striker 3 was released for the NAOMI 2; subsequent installments (Virtua Striker 2002 and Virtua Striker 4) used the GameCube-based Triforce hardware. To begin with, there is no analog control. The power meter functions like a swing-meter in a golf game. Secondly, never during a game do you feel as if you really have control over your players. There's no FIFA license in case you were wondering. Character models, though, are built with oodles of polygons, giving them a nice hi-res, full-bodied look, which is impossible on the PlayStation or N64. The game consists of a single-elimination knock-out tournament with 16 teams (like in the knock-out stage of the FIFA World Cup), with each match lasting two minutes by default, plus injury time and, if the match ends in a draw, one extra minute of sudden death. The games that have done so most recently have been titles like EA's FIFA, Konami's International Superstar Soccer, and Sega's World Wide Soccer. The game operates with three buttons: one for passing (which is also used for sliding tackles when not in possession of the ball), one for long balls (which automatically crosses if the player is running parallel to the box) and one for shots, which can be charged or, if the player is on the receiving end of a cross, tapped for a header or volley finish. The Start button is used to alternate between each team's two available tactical schemes before and during a match (except for the first game, which had no such mechanic, as each team came with its own preset formation) - while each has an offensive or defensive mentality, the formation of choice before kick-off will influence in which formation the team will adopt a neutral mentality. Virtua Striker 2 is a classic example of good ideas gone horribly wrong. Avoid at all costs. [7], "Virtual-On and Virtua Striker aren't coming overseas",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 25 August 2020, at 05:28. [6] A critic for Next Generation applauded the original Virtua Striker as both "excellent to play and watch." The original Virtua Striker used Sega's Sega Model 2 hardware. Perhaps the biggest and most offensive omission is the lack of four-player gaming. It never gets better either. You're also stuck with one lousy camera angle that, while functional, gets boring quickly for people who like a top-down, or side-scrolling view in their soccer games. The original team selection BGM from the first game also exists, and can be heard through a special code. The list goes on and on, but the biggest crime this game commits is the complete and utter lack of playability. Find out more about our exciting new venue opening 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Virtua Striker 4 released on the Triforce arcade platform in 2005, and was updated in 2006. Often, the computer automatically switches you to a player that's not even onscreen.

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