where to fish salmon in québec

Flyin & The guides pick us up at the cottages each day at 4am. But, if you are a gentlemen you head back to the cottage after 2. We are located in the heart of the best and most productive salmon waters the sport has to offer. External characteristics :  Large mouth with well-developed teeth; spawning males with hooked lower jaw; large, obvious scales; adipose fin well beyond dorsal fin; dorsal and pelvic fins at mid-body length; caudal fin deeply forked in younger fish, slightly forked in older fish. Its well-kept, The York river flows into the bay right in the heart of Gaspé. There are several private draw pools on the York as well as open water access. Breakfast consists of Egg Sandwiches, Muffins, Fruit, Yogurt, Coffee and Juice. A single hand 8/9 weight rod paired with a good floating line is recommended for presenting bombers on the surface. In addition to drawing water anglers can also purchase an open water pass for the day if they would like to fish more water. and athletic. Looking forward to being on the coast again soon.” – Joey M, host. External characteristics :  Large mouth with well-developed teeth; spawning males with hooked lower jaw; large, obvious scales; adipose fin well beyond dorsal fin; dorsal and pelvic fins at mid-body length; caudal fin deeply forked in younger fish, slightly forked in older fish. Long sleeved shirts are recommended, the lightweight sun shirts work great to keep the mosquitos off your arms but are light enough to keep you cool. 2020 All rights reserved. Québec in Eastern Canada is home to the best Atlantic Salmon rivers in North America, the Grand Cascapedia, the Petite Cascapedia and the Bonaventure. We have access to 3 rivers on the Gaspé Peninsula, The Dartmouth, St. Jean and York, all of which are within 10 – 25 minutes of the cottages. Two of the bedrooms have double beds and the rest have a single queen. Two small cottages right on the Dartmouth Basin of Gaspé Bay is where we hang our hat in June. This makes it a prime fishing destination, and the province is also home to a variety of fishing lodges, resorts and outfitters that provide anglers with accommodations as well as travel packages. Since Hurricane Dorian, we’ve been talking to a lot about the status of the Bahamas in general, but also about the fishing operations. Read more below, or inquire now. A trio of world-class salmon rivers flow from the Gaspé’s Chic Choc Mountains southward to the Bay of Chaleur, the Grand Caspcapédia, the Petite Caspcapédia and the Bonaventure. Nymphing for Atlantic Salmon is prohibited in the area. For more information about the Government of Québec’s directives for each region, go to: Quebec.ca/coronavirus. This canyon section holds numerous Atlantic Salmon who cannot jump the waterfall until the river reaches a certain level. Fishing Every 48 hours you are assigned a section of water from the Z.E.C. anglers land plenty of 20-pounders and some 30-pounders. 36 lbs and up. in the Bay of GASPE where the DARTMOUTH, the YORK and the Join our group Atlantic Salmon fly fishing trip to Canada venturing to the Gaspe Peninsula in pursuit of Atlantic Salmon on the York, Dartmouth and St. Jean Rivers. Our trip advisors will answer your questions for free. Fleece jacket, vest, buff, pants to wear under your waders, socks, rain jacket, hat and sunglasses. Resorts A good way to break up the trip is to spend a couple days Fly Fishing in Maine prior to making the trek further North. Add the breathtaking scenery to the mix and you have an Escape to the relaxing solitude of Salmon Lodge, one of Quebec’s most reputable and historic Atlantic salmon fishing lodges. We have an in-house chef that prepares all of our meals. - American Plan Dining Sink tips are used when the water is a bit high but not always necessary. This is why Atlantic Salmon are referred to as a fish of a thousand casts, and believe us you will certainly make a thousand casts. We are approximately 5 minutes from the town of Gaspé and in close proximity to all three Atlantic Salmon Rivers. If you do not mind driving you can fly to Maine (PWM) and make the 10 hour drive North with us. 3137, rue Laberge, Québec (Québec) G1X 4B5. A good pair of waders and wading boots are important. We are currently still able to offer guide trips with clients providing their own transportation and practicing safe social distancing guidelines. to all pools. At the right level this river easily crossable and the gravel bottom is easy to wade. The Salmon in the St. Jean river are very strong. ST-JEAN Rivers meet. For this reason you must book this trip in advance for a chance at fishing some of the best Atlantic Salmon Pools on each river. preparing hearty meals. Please contact us for 2020 Bookings, Pricing & Availability. We have extensive experience with all of these facilities and love to share it! The York gets a good run of Atlantic Salmon and some big ones at that. If you prefer to use a single hand rod the 8 or 9 wt rod will be fine for swinging wet flies as well. fishing courses are given by your personal guide free of charge. This lottery system determines what beats of water (pools) you will fish for a given week. Anglers Camp Bonaventure is one of Quebec’s newer salmon lodges. I cannot wait until next June.” – Poppa Mac, FL, “I look forward to this trip every year. Fishing There are two different options for fishing during the day. The tips we like to use are the RIO MOW tips that come in various lengths. It is breath taking. Body shape :  Elongate and spindle-shaped, slightly laterally compressed, Average size :  50 to 100 cm (20 to 40 inches), 2 to 10 kg (4 to 22 lb), Coloration :  Pale with dark markings; brown, green or blue back with large black spots; silvery flanks; dorsal fin with large black spots; caudal fin usually unspotted; bronze or dark brown during spawning period; males darker with red-spotted flanks after spawning (“black salmon”). We fish the pools in a rotation. These rivers are world renowned Atlantic Salmon fly fishing rivers and just happen to be some of the clearest […] roofs and shutters, just as they did a century ago. Weighted flies are prohibited but anglers are allowed to fish with sink tips or poly leaders. The Pompier, is a classic Atlantic Salmon fly pattern that works well on both the York and Dartmouth Rivers. ... Before dark, my host caught a nice grilse (a small, early-returning male salmon) as we took turns fishing from our single canoe. Thanks guys.” – Brett Lewis, VT, “I have been fortunate enough to fish in a lot of places and I would choose Gaspé over them all. We also try to have this fly pattern tied on Black and Silver hooks. There are well maintained trails and stair systems that lead to each pool so access is not strenuous. Québec has roughly one hundred salmon rivers containing very large fish, and offers an outstanding fishing experience for enthusiasts from home and abroad. Like mentioned above there are numerous Atlantic Salmon Flies to choose from so if you prefer to wait until you reach the Gaspé Peninsula you can find local fly patterns at the Z.E.C. Our favorites are the 5’ of floating 5 ‘of sinking (t-11) and the 7.5’ floating to 2.5’ of sinking (t-11). After arriving at the airport we have a shuttle that picks you up and brings you to the cottages where your room is prepared. The largest of the 3 rivers is the St. Jean. The Dartmouth River flows into the bay just west of the cottages and is know for its highly sought after holding pool. Most Many great fly fishing destinations are not easy to get to and the Gaspe, Peninsula is no exception. The Tiger Ghost, everyone of our guests have fished this fly and more than one (if not all) have caught and Atlantic Salmon on a Tiger Ghost. There are no open water passes on the St. Jean, it is draw water only. Experienced instructors 'Gaspésienne cuisine'. Rivers salmon fishing using fly fishing in Quebec outfitters is the ultimate sport fishing experience. All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under BLM Special Use Permit.

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