yonanas classic review

She suggested if you didn't like the flavor of bananas use a little bit of vanilla. It's a great replacement for ice cream and it's super easy to use and clean. Oh my gosh why did it take me so long to find this amazing gadget! First of all, getting the froyo into molds was a challenge in itself. Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser, Credit: You just need to remove the mounting piece and unscrew the pieces, just like you screwed them together. The Yonanas comes with a recipe book that covers a wide range of desserts and treats you can explore. This is a pretty amazing machine. If you like the end product, after some experimentation, you will find the tastes and textures you enjoy and then can start playing around with those. But I mostly try to keep healthy. This machine pretty much does as it promises. This small but powerful machine has changed my expectation for dairy-free soft serve makers. I learned quickly that the trick is letting your frozens bananas thaw for a few minutes before putting them in — otherwise the end product looks more like a slushie, instead of soft serve. It cleans up very easily. (Let's think about how many $6 cups of Pinkberry you've had in the past year.) I'm also a member of Weight Watchers and fruit is a free food. All of the surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Seeing it on incredible sale on Black Friday, I took a chance, and after using it several times, I am glad to say it's everything as promised and more. I'd watched a demonstration of this at Costco, and while my daughters loved it, I was still skeptical that it would work or hold up. Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2017. The chute assembly warped and shrank in the dishwasher. The gasket fits into the bottom cap and is there to prevent any leaking. Grab your frozen fruit and get to churning. While I have not personally used this item, my mother loves it. And even with all the planning taken care of, you still need to let the frozen fruit thaw for about 10 minutes for smooth churning. Great texture, and evenly dispersed Oreos. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. But those treats are often full of chemical flavors and sweeteners, and they just can’t compete with homemade freshness. I'll leave a longer review once I've tried it for myself. More options than just frozen fruit – You can also add nut butters and chocolate into the frozen fruit mix. We hope you love the products we recommend! This was so creamy and flavorful and everything mixed together really well. Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars with 146 reviews. The idea is to start with frozen fruit. If you've ever made banana whip or "mock ice cream" in a blender, you will probably love this too. I actually think it works better when not using bananas because of the resulting consistency of the fruit. Can only be used for one purpose – To make a fruit sorbet/ice cream substitute. This purchase was basically just 40 bucks down the drain. It's at least 2 scoops of ice-cream that I get out of it when I take it apart for cleaning. Read honest … Healthier options – This machine does provide and encourage people to eat healthier. The plunger piece is used to push the slightly thawed frozen fruit down into the machine to create the end product. First up, I tried peanut butter + banana, because I'm a huge sucker for PB. In the recipe book that comes with the machine, it also says that you can put room temperature nut butter into the mix (I never tried this personally). The machine only works with frozen ripe bananas, so you’ll need to let them ripen, chop them into pieces, and freeze them for easy blending. You "need" to use a lot of bananas to get a decent serving size. It's best to make a batch since it is enough of a bother to clean after just one bowl that you might be discouraged. I couldn’t believe it wasn’t actually “ice cream” when I first tasted it. The only downside - it is super loud...like will. Nah. Yonanas 902 Classic Original Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker... Yonanas 902 Classic Original Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker Creates Fast Easy Delicious Dairy Free Vegan Alternatives to Ice Cream Frozen Yogurt Sorbet Includes Recipe Book BPA Free, Silver. See all details for Yonanas Classic Original Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker,... © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. There is a recipe book that comes with the Yonanas Maker. Otherwise, it can be difficult to get solid foods down the chute. It works great (you have to take the frozen fruit out 10 minutes before putting them in the machine or it will be to frozen to work properly). It takes a huge amount of fruits, makes lots of wastes and looks nothing like it was shown it would. It is delicious. you need more add in fruit than you think to really taste the flavor without adding sugar, and some frozen fruit doesn't 'smooth out' as well as the bananas do, but its a good healthy alternative when you want to treat yourself. 4.3 out of 5 stars 4,200 ratings. We've tried it with mangos and strawberries but the family favorite so far is the chocolate coffee recipe. Honestly I would buy another one if this one did break.

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